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Carrier Oil - Miglyol 840

Why we use Miglyol 840
- After extensive research and testing, we quickly discovered what we believe to be the most ideal carrier oil ever used.
-Its low viscosity rating gives an almost water like consistency, allowing for easy flow injections. We have found success using even 30g needles with ease.
-Miglyol has a high polarity and superior solvent characteristics allowing us to use less than 1% net benzyl benzoate and benzyl alcohol. This results in pain free injections even at higher concentrations also allowing the user more frequent injections at the injection site.

Research and Development

We pride ourselves on being leaders in the industry and are passionate about exploring new ways to address health challenges. We gather the latest of scientific and technical papers in leading peer-reviewed journals. You will always get the most advanced medical research which in turn offers the highest quality product.

Testing and product distribution

At the heart of this research is product testing. We source research materials from all over the world taking into account quality, cost and new development products. Before any material is used it will under go strict quality standards testing. While this sometimes limits the products we offer, trust that we are working hard daily to carry a more extensive list. We believe the proof is in the product. Medicus Research is here to stay and the only way for longevity is quality above all else.